Lift app creates a community for personal growth

27 Aug

Price: Free

Reading your Bible and praying are two of the most important hobbies in our Christian walk. Being consistent, though, is like tackling a monster. Yes, there are reminder apps, like Reminder and Producteev, but for the most part they don’t keep you accountable. Accountable; That’s the key word.

Enter stage right: Lift. Lift has collided social networking with good habits/productivity. Isn’t it so much easier to exercise if you know you’re doing it with someone else? It’s the same with being consistent with our devotional time.

Lift helps attain goals through 3 steps:

  • Set a goal
  • See your progress
  • Get support from others.

Now, Lift is not created specifically for devotion time, but it is great at one thing: creating a positive community for personal growth. You can sign up for habits from Exercising to Reading to Stop Drinking Soda to Bible Reading.

How does it work?

  • Sign up for a new habit. (e.g., Read the bible, Exercise, etc)
  • Set a reminder.
  • Sign in and log whenever you complete your habit.
  • If you sign in for two days in a row you start a streak.
  • Other members of the community also sign in and log their habits.
  • People give “props” (Just like Facebook’s Like or Google’s +1) and can leave encouraging words on each others log ins.

How can this help my church or ministry?

One of the greatest features about Lift is that you can create your own groups and habits. Here’s how this would work for your church:

  • Create a group for your church or ministry. (e.g., “Good Habits with 1st Church”)
  • Create habits like “Read your Bible”, or “Read 7 Steps to being a Great Dad” .
  • Everyone in the group can comment and give “props” to each other’s progress.

3 reasons MisterNifty likes Lift:

1. Community - Lift creates a positive community for accomplishing Christian goals.
2. Progress  - Lift helps you go beyond a bookmark in your Bible and allows you to see real progress with your friends.
3. Good Habits - There are other apps out there like Lift, but they promote productivity. Lift promotes good habits. (I’m guessing Miley Cyrus isn’t on Lift.)

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