If you’ve ever tried to create a table in WordPress, you know how frustrating it can be.  QuickTables is an easy way to create tables on the fly in without WYSIWYG interference or tag stripping.


  • Upload `quicktables.php` to the `/site/wp-content/plugins/` directory
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  • To add a table type [table] ALL YOUR OTHER TAGS GO HERE [/table]

Example Tables

[table cellspacing=20 cellpadding=20]
[tr bgcolor=#444][th]Heading 1[/th][th]Heading 2[/th][/tr]
[tr][td]Cell 1[/td][td]Cell 2[/td][/tr]

ROW HEADERS head1|head2|head3|head4|head5 ENDHEADERS ENDROW
ROW CELLS cell1:cell2:cell3:cell4:cell5 ENDCELLS ENDROW

[table border=2]
*||Heading 1|Heading 2|Heading 3|||**
*::Cell 1:Cell 2:Cell 3:::**

Available Tags Within The [table] Brackets

I created multiple ways to access the HTML table functions.  Use whatever fits your style!

  • Add A Row
    • [tr] [row] ROW
  • Close Row
    • [/tr] [/row] ENDROW
  • Add Cells
    • [td] CELL CELLS ::
  • Close Cells
    • [/td] ENDCELL ENDCELLS :::
  • Multiple Cell Delimiter
    • :
  • Add Headers
    • [th] [head] HEAD HEADERS ||
  • Close Headers
    • [/th] [/head] ENDHEAD ENDHEADERS |||
  • Multiple Header Delimiter
    • |
  • Add Head Tag
    • [thead] THEAD
  • Close Head Tag
    • [/thead] ENDTHEAD
  • Add Body Tag
    • [tbody] TBODY
  • Close Body Tag
    • [/tbody] ENDTBODY
  • Add Footer Tag
    • [tfoot] TFOOT
  • Close Footer Tag
    • [/tfoot] ENDTFOOT
  • Add Col Tag
    • [col] COL
  • Close Col Tag
    • [/col] ENDCOL
  • Add Colgroup Tag
    • [colgroup] COLGROUP
  • Close Colgroup Tag
    • [/colgroup] ENDCOLGROUP
  • Add Caption
    • [cap] CAPTION CAP
  • Close Caption

All square bracket tags will take any respective HTML parameter you want.  For example [table border=3] [tr bgcolor=#444]