Free Online Giving

24 Jul

First of all, if your church doesn’t provide online giving, this needs to be at the top of your list for tomorrow! Let me provide a few reasons why online giving is so important for your church:

  1. We live in a cashless society.
  2. Members don’t want to write their card number on an envelope every Sunday.
  3. Recurring giving helps people remember their commitments.
  4. If it takes longer than 40 seconds to give, 80% of people abandon the transaction.

With all of these things in mind, the real question is, who do I use for online giving? Great question. Our first option is FREE! Well, when I say free, I mean $0/mo. There is still a transaction fee, as there is with any service that accepts credit cards. With that in mind let’s look at

EasyTithe blows everyone else out of the water when it comes to value, and it’s the only decent looking mobile/online giving option for free. Here is everything included in the free version:

  • Online Giving
  • Mobile Giving
  • Recurring Giving
  • Event Forms (People can register and pay for events.)
  • Transaction fee of 3% + $.30

You can add Text Giving for $5/mo and a Giving Kiosk for $19/mo. They also have $29/mo (2.6%) and $49/mo (1.99%) plans.

There are many options out there that aren’t free but worth looking into. I would recommend and which boasts 10-second giving. Many church management apps (CCB, Fellowship One, etc.) include online giving, but most are complicated and take longer than 40 seconds.

 The Bottom Line: With a free option for online giving, you have no excuse.

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