Stream your services for free!

15 Aug

Ustream – Online streaming (

Price: Free
Platform: PC/Mac

Now more than ever, churches are streaming their services online, and why not? There has to be some purpose to our church websites doesn’t there? That’s a joke. Streaming is a great way to point people to your church’s website. Keep in mind, this means you’ll have to update your website more than once a year.

Ustream can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. The free version is ad supported, 10GB of storage, allows streaming at 480p SD, and has some basic social sharing options. The Enterprise version, which costs over $1000/mo, includes advanced everything and 1080p streaming. (How many people actually watch streaming in 1080p though?) Ustream opens up streaming to ministries that don’t have much of a budget, such as student and kid services.

3 reasons MisterNifty likes Ustream:

1. Free – Hard to find live streaming video for free.
2. Live Chat – If you have someone manning the computer, they can answer any questions viewers have about your church.
3. Live Poll – Ustream allows you to get feedback from your viewers on the spot.



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