Free movie clips for your sermons

20 Jul

After writing a post about managing your church licenses and permissions. I had quite a few responses from people asking how they could stay legal when using other people’s intellectual property.   One area I addressed was projecting videos that you did not have permission to distribute (i.e. movies, sporting events, etc…).  There are a lot of pastors who use movie clips to illustrate their sermons, but sadly a good portion forget that they are breaking the law. takes care of the licensing nightmares for you.   Here’s an overview I asked Jeremy from to write for Mister Nifty. focuses on the growing trend of multimedia in churches and the need for ministry to become more visual and contemporary. What better way is there to convey a biblical message to a modern society than by showing an inspirational clip from a recent film?

We live in a culture hungry for truth but lacking in contemporary ways to experience it. For many of us, movies are a gateway to that truth; a hyper-reality that parallels our own needs, desires, and struggles.

Thus, WingClips seeks to provide pastors and teachers with culturally relevant illustrations to engage their audience. Movie clips have the ability to visually connect the point of your message into the hearts and minds of your congregation; something that words alone cannot deliver.

Now you can view and download inspirational movie clips from Hollywood, independent and documentary films for your next sermon. offers a Free subscription and a low-cost Premium subscription, both giving you unlimited access to all our clips.  WingClips is the only free and legal way to incorporate films into your teachings.

As our world seems to rotate around video/tv/movies these days, this is an especially good way for youth pastors to stay connected to youth culture.  Give it a try.  It’s free!

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