Your Study Time Just Got Easier

3 Jul

If you’re like me, you do a lot of studying on your laptop. I especially like this because the copy-and-paste feature has made studying a lot quicker. Whether that’s a good or bad thing, I don’t know, but what I do know is that Biblical study just got a lot easier. 

Up until recently I had used the infamous for studying the Bible. One of its greatest features has been parallel comparisons between translations, which the website/app I’m about to mention is doing now as well. The problem with is that it had become outdated and ad-driven. This week Bible Gateway released a new website and has released an app in the past year, but not before getting it’s thunder taken away by this fresh website/app that I’ll mention below.

The Bible app in which I’m speaking of was created in 2008 and it quickly became the go-to Bible app, but this past year they released their website which created a perfect work flow for reading and studying the Bible. In your app store you will know it as Bible by (Which interestingly enough is the church of the well-known speaker Craig Groeschel.) And you know they had to pay a boat full of money for their website URL at

Finally, I haven’t completely given up on I’m actually glad that The Bible App has taken the bar up and created a little competition. Raising the bar means better apps all around for you and me.

3 Things Mister Nifty Loves about The Bible App

  1. The Bible App has done for the Bible what Google did for the search engine.
    • The Bible App has made everything simple on its website and app. When I go to a Bible website, I just want to search the Word. Simple. The Bible App has made it just that.
  2. Since taking over, The Bible App has become a one-stop place for Biblical study on any device.
    • The Bible App was doing this before Bible Gateway came out with their app. In fact, Bible Gateway’s app looks like a spittin’ image of its competitor.
  3. Log-in accounts make your study history available on all devices
    • Streaming your information across all of your devices is becoming the standard in the app world. Remember the days (and it wasn’t long ago) when you had to email yourself everything?


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