What does iWork for iCloud mean for your church?

11 Jun

If you’re an Apple fan, then you know that yesterday Apple had it’s Keynote address at their World Wide Developer’s Conference. Now, although, I’m excited about the Mac Pro and the changes that are finally being made to iOS7, the thing that will probably help our churches the most is the announcement of iWork coming to iCloud.

So, what does it mean for church world? Well, if you’re like our church. You don’t have Macs for every department. So, currently our Media team is running on a PC. Our Pastor, however, creates his Keynote from his Macbook. So, whenever he tries to export to PowerPoint from Keynote, obviously there are many great animations and tools, such as transparency, that PowerPoint on the PC doesn’t recognize. So, you end up having to export JPG slides and you lose the entire reason for using Keynote.

Well, with iWork running on iCloud, all of that is changing. iWork on iCloud means that you can open icloud.com on your PC, open the saved Keynote, and run the Keynote just like it was created on the Mac!  Not only that, but you can edit the Keynote from the icloud.com site. Just one more way to make the lines between PC/Mac disappear.

Find out more about iWork for iCloud here:

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