Set up a Content Management System on GoDaddy

16 May

GoDaddyYou don’t have to hire a techy to have a high tech website. GoDaddy offers a seamless installation solution for those who are not programmers. This simple tutorial will show you how to set up a CMS (Content Management System). To read more about the types of websites please read my articles on static and dynamic websites here.

1. Figure out what you’ve got.

Do you have a domain name? – (i.e.

- If not, purchase one from (Don’t purchase at another
site as you probably don’t want to learn how Nameservers and DNS settings work)

- If you do have a domain already login to your registrar and point your nameservers to and This process may take you 1 day – 2 Weeks depending on your registrar. If they have to manually unlock your domain, good luck, hurry up and wait. Once you have updated your nameserver settings you have to be patient. The changes take up to 24 hour to propagate on the internet. My advice…do this first and get it taken care of quickly. I will explain how to set up your domain at Godaddy later in the tutorial.

Do you already have a hosting company? (A place where your website is currently stored)

- Unless your hosting company can do what GoDaddy does with their applications, fire them and switch. I highly recommend it if you want peace of mind with your website.

2. Purchase your hosting plan from GoDaddy.

- Get the deluxe Linux hosting package for $6.99/Month (Click Here)

IMPORTANT! – If you are purchasing a domain name, purchase all items on one account. If you purchase them separately without being logged in, you will create two accounts that will cause you major hair loss.

3. Setting up your hosting account.

- Login and click on “My Account” in the login box.

- Click on Hosting Accounts

- Open Hosting Control Panel

- Godaddy will lead you through a setup wizard. Make sure you enter your church domain name in the setup as this server will need to recognize it to call up your website.

- Once you enter all of your information it could take anywhere from 1-24 hours for you to have access to it. Again, be patient. Close out the hosting manager.

4. Setting up your domain name if you purchased your name on GoDaddy.

- Go to “My Account” again from the front page. Then click on “Manage Domains”

- If you purchased your name from Godaddy it should appear in the box when you log in (In the All My Domains folder). Click on your domain name.

- When the screen appears for your domain specifics, click on the “Nameservers” button

- There will be three tabs – Default NS, Custom NS, Help – Click on Default NS’s. Select – “Default Hosting Nameservers” Click OK

-Note: Your domain is by default parked on an advertising page. When you change the name server you tell your domain to go to your space. Since there is nothing there yet, it will say Forbidden. This is a good sign that you have successfully completed the steps thus far.

5. Setting up your domain name if you have it registered elsewhere.

- Go to “My Account” again from the front page. Then click on “Manage Domains”

- Click on the Off-Site DNS folder and then click “Add Off-Site DNS”

- Enter your domain name (

6. Install a CMS to your website.

- Login and click on “My Account” in the login box on the front page.

- Click on Hosting Accounts

- Open Hosting Control Panel

- Click on Content >> Metropolis (This will take you to a site listing many different applications that can be installed to your site)

- Click on the “Content Management” category

- Click on “Joomla” and then click Install

- Follow the instructions, they are very user-friendly. When asked about the installation directory, leave the field blank. This will install the program directly into your root directory. When you finalize this step, be patient, it will take 30 mins – 1 hour to complete the process. In the meantime download the Joomla Quickstart Guide <<<<This is a must. Print it and study it so you can become accustomed to the interface.

7. Find your a Joomla template that fits your needs.

- You can download free templates Joomla ShackRocket Themes - SiteGroundJoomlaDesigns Themes Base

- You can purchase great premium templates at:

Rocket ThemesJoomla Shack

8. Customize your theme.

- Basically you have to replace the image files in the template. This will take a little more work than setting up the entire site.

- Right Click and save the image files you want to change on your hard drive. Open your image editor and use the dimensions and EXACT file name and save your custom image.

- You will have to gain FTP access to your site and upload/overwrite the template image files. You can get FTP (File Transfer Protocol) access through Godaddy. Go to your hosting control panel >> Content >> FTP Client. This will give you remote access to your files online. The left side is your computer, the right side is your hosting directory. Click on the template directory – Choose your template subdirectory – Click on Images – and upload your new images. It will ask if you want to overwrite files.

Check out these easy video tutorials on how to set up Joomla. I will be writing a tutorial myself very soon when time permits.

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SiteGround Tutorials
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Sample sites that use Joomla:

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