Give Your Website a Fresh Look!

11 Mar

Church websites get a bad rap most of the time. There aren’t many leaders that like to spend the expensive hourly rate for a web designer to spruce up their website. So, the church website suffers.

Don’t be fooled, though. Your church website is extremely important. It’s one of the first impressions people come in contact with along with your parking lot attendants, nursery workers, and bulletin. I also can’t stress how important online giving is for your church. (We’ll deal with that in the next post.)  Oh, and get a Facebook page.

WordPress has made the maintenance of websites easy for church administrators. (If you don’t have a web guy.) Today, it’s easy to find themes that incorporate WordPress. The one our church ended up using was The cost is definitely not free. Their templates are going for $79, but many competitors are more expensive. They also have themes designed with churches specifically in mind.

Bottom Line:

The Good:

  • $79 will beat any invoice from a website designer. 
  • You get to see what your site looks like before you buy it.

The Bad:

  • $79 isn’t free. If you’d like free, WordPress has some free templates.
  • You do need someone with a little web/FTP knowledge to get your template setup. (MintThemes has a walk-through guide as well.)

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